16 August 2011

Only the Ks - episode 2

Some kyopo korean-american from LA, so he says, he also says he was in jail although he's a skinny little twerp of a guy, starts yelling out, "Fuck Chinese, Fuck Americans!'

I tell him to calm the fuck down and that we accept everyone here and that i won't tolerate racism. he asks me and my chinese friends to have a shot with him so he can apologize. As Jun is lifting up his glass, he pushes the glass at him voilently. I grab him and shove him up from his chair. He breaks the Jagermeister bottle, hoping to use it as a weapon but all it does is slip from his hand innocuously and spill on the floor. i push him out to the stairs worried Jun will fucking destroy him, rip him limb from limb. I shove him up the stairs. "Get the fuck out of here before they fucking kill you, you moron!"

He yells back at me, "I don't ever want to come back here. I live in Kangnam."

Why would anyone want him back here. I scratch my head.

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