10 December 2007

Ra! Gabriel's Publishing History

Donate Now
Two Korean Students Blather in a Coffee Shop in Seoul
Clockwise Cat

Going & Subway Goes

Mad Swirl

Jesus' Abs
Letter X Magazine Print Edition #9

The Smoking Mirror
Zygote in my Coffee

Be Quiet & Listen!
Cerebral Catalyst

April 2007
Flash Light
Practice for the Presidential Debates

Mad Swirl

How Many Calories in that Dump?
Cerebral Catalyst

February 2007
Harsh Harmony
The Nefarious R.A.G.
Mad Swirl

January 2007
Good Etiquette
Quarterly Literary Review Singapore

Careful You're Gonna Break That Thing Off!
Subtle Tea

November 2006
Broccoli Clouds and Anti-Oxidants
Zygote In My Coffee

Secret to a New, Advanced Human Race
The Cerebral Catalyst
Winner of the 2006 Bird Flu Prose Prize

Central Air
Dying Writers

see his page at litchaos.com for other publishing information.

1 comment:

Karla Linn said...

Ra! Thanks for visiting my blogspot (karlalinn.blogspot.com) and for your generous comments. What fun!

And what a treat to spend some time reading your poems. "What is poetry, anyways" hit home -- hard. I concur.

Keep up the fine work...writing...editing...LitChaos...life.