05 December 2011

Only the Ks - the Box with no Apt. # episode

Okay, so i've ordered stuff from the US. It's a box of stuff with my name on it. Granted on the American side, they are a bunch of brain surgeons who left off the building and apartment number. But in their defense it still had the name of the complex and when the delivery asked the guard who i was he didn't know. "He's an idiot," I told the delivery guy. "I'm the only foreigner who lives here. How hard is it top piece together that I am me?" The guy laughed and put the large box in my little shoe-caddy foyer. I thanked him and he waved at Damani before leaving--totally cool with me and the guard. That's the Ks. When one of them fucks up they don't condemn the other.

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