09 November 2012

the mother in law

of course i cannot say it but jeanie's mom is just awful at taking the baby. when i say i have to go to work she waits till i'm putting on clothes and he starts crying. then she says, nun chi mana (he is so observant), and tries to calm him down. vickie would just play with him and then he was distracted while i got ready and he would kiss me goodbye and i would leave peacefully. he really loved vickie and he doesn't really like the grandma that much. sometimes he does. but sometimes he grabs me and points at her and cries, like he is saying, get this woman out of here. anyway i have to write. i have to send the sacred calendar to mjh and get my second boook out. i have to edit future x and send him that too, and any other compiling i can do. i won 15 20 thousand off dan and dewey last night. it's starting to click. i'm a much better player when i rely on follow and shoot draw sparingly. when using stun, don't use english unless you absolutely have to.

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