17 October 2006

Information Regarding the Novella-in-Verse Glypic

I'd like to promo Ralph-Michael Chiaia. He is now looking to publish his novella-in-verse Glyphic. You may see excerpts of it when you visit the above link. Parts of it have already been published at Word Riot Magazine and Zygote in My Coffee under the titles "Pillow Talk with My Girl" and Prologue: "Glyphic", respectively.

Critic Julian Jacobson's Praise for Glyphic:

This piece blows me away on so many levels. The act of writing at war with the ineffable strangeness of the subject. That's the story, back in Guatemala and beyond. And how the subject betraying the writing is clearly a brutal 'process of nourishment'. Healing from the sickness that results from going below the surface. Its about so many things but they're all one in there. Writing, mystery, truth, healing, rebirth. The recycling of the story through ones own barbarous internal process. I simply love this piece, in so many ways.

Its ironic how far from a discernible reality it seems, while being the essential truth of your reality. And all of the nuance and imagery...blood, "like soy sauce From clear packets" and when you inhabit Tz'ikin or vice versa: The calm sublimity after you purge. Rebirth. "Frogs bounce out" of the Ceiba. Visual, visceral. Beautiful.

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